The About Trevor Key web site contains biographical information about Trevor and some links to the major web sites which display his creative output.

Trevor Key was one of the most innovative and talented 'pre-Photoshop' photographers to emerge from the London scene in the 1960s but his career was cut short by his untimely death in 1995. Like many talented artists he was both modest and rather careless of personal fame and fortune and as a result posthumous information about him is somewhat haphazardly organized. This web site is intended to rectify the situation and make all of Trevor's creative contributions identifiable and accessible from a single source.


Trevor himself was usually dismayed when introduced as "the photographer who did the Tubular Bells album cover" and would protest that he had produced many other images of equal importance, a fact that the linked web sites comprehensively demonstrate.  Nevertheless, if any album cover image from those times can be truly described as  "iconic", it is surely the one he created for Mike Oldfield's album.



The About Trevor Key Web Site is being produced in conjunction with the Estate of Trevor Key.