In the absence of Trevor himself to talk about his life and times some recollections from people who knew him are included below.

A Flatmate From Hull - 60s/70s

In the late 60’s and early 70’s I shared a number of flats in Notting Hill with Trevor and other Hull exiles. Despite me  being a non photographer Trevor would sometimes share his thoughts and experiences on photographic matters with me.

The Photographer's Rogues Gallery At Butlins

While at Hull Art College in the 60s Trevor worked at the Butlins holiday camp in Filey during the summer break as a photographer. He was part of the photographers team which included many other students like himself. He told me that during the day they were expected to wander around the camp only taking pictures of holidaymakers when they requested them. The one set routine they were required to do was to take pictures during the evening meals. They would walk past the end of all the communal dining tables taking pictures at each one and apparently it was done in quite a rush. As a result many unintentionally hilarious pictures were taken of campers with fork loads of food halfway into their mouths, and the most unflattering of them were pinned up in the photographer's room as a rogues gallery. At this time, sadly, none of them are available as examples.

Irving Penn


There was no doubt as to who was Trevor's 'main man' in the photography world at this time, it was Irving Penn. He had a book of his pictures and he once talked me through it, lingering for a long time on his favourite, this one. He loved the beetle crawling up the flour sack which he thought made the picture.





Brian Cooke - 1970s

        The Unlikely Looking Punks   

        The Unlikely Looking Punks   


Brian Cooke was a long time friend of Trevor's and was his partner in Cooke Key who did a lot of work for the Sex Pistols. This is the two of them on the Sex Pistols Silver Jubilee River Cruise in 1977, taken from Brian Cooke's blog.